Choose the correct variant


1. He often _____________ them in the hospital.

A. sees              B. seeing              C. see                D. seen

2. How _________ medical universities __________ their students?

A. does … admit       B. do… admit         C. admit            D. has … admitted

3. The doctor __________ the patient now.

A. were examining          B. examine        C. was examining          D. is examining

4. I think she ____________ a cake in an hour.

A. will make             B. makes               C. is made                  D. are making

5. Tom ____________ his bag one month ago.

A. has lost                B. loses                 C. lost                         d) will lose

6. Where ____ Mary and Julia going?

A. is                 B. are                   C. do                     D. does

7. I ___ a temperature but I ___ have a sore throat.

A. have/don’t            B. am/not                           C. have/doesn’t                      D. don’t/got

8. I’ve looked for my book ___ but I can’t find it.

A. anywhere                 B. somewhere                 C. nowhere             D. everywhere

9. Can I speak to Mr. Rich? ‑ I’m sorry, he ___.

A. is sleeping                    B. sleeps                  C. slept                     D. was sleeping

10. The history exam ___ next Friday.

A. was                   B. will be                    C. were                    D. are

11. I’ve got a headache.  ‑ Well, why don’t you ___ aspirin?

A. to take              B. take                 C. taken                        D. taking

12. I ___________ three courses of chemistry in the Academy such as general, organic and inorganic chemistry.

A. has                   B. is having                      C. have                    D. to have

13. The methods ____________ intensive.

A. was                 B. be                    C. will                    D. are

14. There __________ plenty of theories of cancer nature nowadays.

A. are                    B. were                          C. will be                   D. is

15. We cleaned _____________ rooms in the flat. We are free now.

A. any                B. every                   C. all                   D. no

16. There __________ no people in the office as it was very late.

A. was                      B. will be                     C. are                    D. were

17. I’d like to ask you ___________ questions.

A. nothing              B. some                   C. any            D. every

18. How long _________ it take you to get to your university?

A. do                        B. is                   C. has                      D. does

19. Frank and I ____ engineers.

A. am                    B. is                       C. was                            D. are

20. What is wrong with Lisa? ‑ She ___ a high temperature.

A. is                   B. has                   C. does                   D. is having

21. How was the party? ‑ Very nice but Thomas ___ too much.

A. sing             B. sang                C. sung             D. will sing

22. He knows ___ about sports.

A. nothing                    B. anything                 C. at all                     D. every

23. ____________ knows the earliest symptoms of bronchitis.

A. Everyone              B. Everything                C. Everywhere              D. Every

24. It’s 2 p.m. now. Her children _______________.

A. were sleeping                B. sleep              C. will sleep            D. are sleeping

25. What ______ you ________ here?

A. are / doing               B. do / do             C. am / doing                      D. are / do

26. Sue ________________ her school next July.

A. are finishing               B. finishes                 C. will finish          D. finished

27. Some minutes ago my watch _____________.

A. stopped                     B. stop              C. is stopping                     D. will stop

28. When I opened a package I ______________ a surprise.

A. had found                   B. found                  C. find                    D. was finding

29. There are _____ products in the fridge. It’s empty.

A. some            B. any              C. no                   D. every

30. Are there ____________ dull heart sounds?

A. every                    B. any                           C. no                      D. some

31. Tom __________ a student of the medical faculty.

A. are                      B. were                      C. has                         D. is

32. There __________ some books on the table.

A. are                  B. is                 C. was                       D. be

33. Is __________ Ok? – Yes, thank you. I feel good.

A. nothing             B. all              C. everything                D. something

34. Ann always ____________ water in the morning.

A. drunk                  B. drink                   C. is drinking                        D. drinks

35. Some years ago I ___________ him at Sue’s party.

A. meet                B. met                    C. did meet                        D. meeting

36. The students of our group always ____________ all their exams on time.

A. pass              B. are passing                    C. passes                    D. passing

37. Kate and her children ____________ now.

A. is swimming                   B. swim                    C. swam                  D. are swimming

38. I’d like to buy ____________ for you.

A. anything                   B. nothing                   C. something                   D. some

39. I ___________ a terrible headache last week.

A. have                 B. had                   C. will have                       D. has

40. The doctor _____________ 8 patients yesterday.

A. examined             B. examines           C. will examine                D. is examining

41. I ___________ born in Kyiv.

A. am                B. be                   C. was                       D. will

42. Tom ____________ everything tomorrow.

A. will clean                  B. cleans                C. is cleaning                       D. cleaned

43. I never ___________ milk here.

A. buy                          B. am buying                  C. don’t buy                      D. buys

44. These women ___________ doctors.

A. is                          B. was                            C. are                           D. have

45. There ________ only some people in the room last time.

A. was                           B. is                               C. were                         D. are

46. ____________ likes him.

A. Everywhere         B. Everybody        C. Everything             D. Every

47. Where ____ they ________? To the theatre

A. are / going              B. do / go             C. does / go                  D. are / go

48. Next week there __________ an interesting film on TV.

A. are                    B. was                     C. is                            D. will be

49. Last Friday he ___________ home very late.

A. come               B. did come                  C. came                       D. comes

50. I promise we ____________ him tomorrow.

A. call                  B. are calling               C. called                    D. will call

51. When ____________ Ann __________ school? – In 2010

A. did / finish               B. did / finished            C. does / finish             D. do / finish

52. Yesterday he ________ only 3 lessons.

A. had                  B. has                C. was having                 D. will have

53. He ___________ a bath at the moment.

A. has             B. is having               C. will have                    D. had

54. My grandparents usually ___________ their free time in the country.

A. spends                B. are spending         C. spend                      D. spending

55. I don’t know ___________ about this man.

A. something          B. nothing            C. everything                  D. anything

56. There ___________ 3 children in the park yesterday.

A. are                     B. were                       C. will be                            D. was

57. Kate ______________ every day.

A. don’t cook       B. isn’t cooking          C. doesn’t cook            D. not cook

58. These vegetables ___________ good for you.

A. is                   B. was                C. have                       D. are

59. Her father ___________ a doctor.

A. were                B. is                          C. are                          D. be

60. Are there __________ books on the shelf?

A. any                      B. some                     C. every                      D. nothing

61. He found virus infection _____ by interferon last time.

A. to be influenced           B. to have influenced                      C. to be influencing   D. to have been influenced

62. While the patient had some problems with his vessels he __ a light diet limited in salt.

63. A. was being followed                B. is following                  C. is being followed     D. was following                

64. The effectiveness of in vitro fertilization _____ at present.

A. is discussing                       B. was discussing                      C. is being discussed          D. will be discussing     

65. You will be discharged if you ____________ better.

A. feels       B. had felt                       C. feel                    D. will feel              

66. The doctor in charge believes the aggravation of the patient’s condition _______ develop in two hours.

A. must               B. may              C. should                D. need             

67. He ____ just ____________ of his headache.

A. has been complain                  B. had complained           C. is complaining               D. has complained          

68. Dissection ________ physicians to identify the cause of the death.

A. have enabled                            B. enables                      C. is enabling

D. will be enabled                          

69. The gastric juice _________ to contain much mucus, leucocytes.

A. knows          B. were known                 C. knew                  D. is known

70. The girl __________ heart murmurs since the age of seven and no therapeutic measures are effective in their elimination.

A. had        B. have had      C. has been having         D. has had          

71. Jack wanted to know whether a healthy lifestyle _____________ a person avoid heart disease.

A. will be able to help                   B. can help                  C. could help                  D. would have helped                    

72. It is necessary to determine blood group before the transfusion _______ to the patient.

A. will give        B. will be given        C. is given          D. has given            

73. I know this surgeon __________ yesterday.

A. to have operated                 B. to be operated                         C. to operate

D. to be operating                  

74. She is likely ______ from the hospital soon.

A. to discharge         B. to be discharged               C. to have been discharged         D. will be discharged

75. The therapeutist didn’t think the patient ______ from such a severe disease so soon.

A. recovers        B. would recover        C. was recovered           D. had been recovered

76. The lecture in Histology _____________ to be delivered by Prof. Ivanov.

A. are considered                          B. considers                  C. will consider

D. was considered

77. The physician will administer a proper treatment if he ___________ an initial diagnosis.

A. make                  B. makes                     C. will make                   D. have made

78. You _______ your mouth, gums and teeth in healthy condition.

A. can keep           B. may keep             C. has to keep             D. must keep

79. Yesterday from 2 till 6 o’clock we ________ at our scientific laboratory.

A. are working                            B. worked                        C. were working           D. had been working                        

80. The male patient _______ grippe before he was admitted to the clinic.

A. has        B. had        C. had had               D. had been having

81. Numerous questions ___________ by the medical commission now.

A. are considering                  B. are being considered               C. consider

D. have been considering                     

82. The students were glad _____________ their credit test in Surgery.

A. to have been passed           B . to having been passed                 C. to have passed                                   D. to be passing

83. He explained that he ____________ the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome the previous time.

A. made                       B. had made         C. were made             D. was making

84. We know the nurse ____ the patient’s blood pressure in the morning.

A. to have measured               B. to be measured           C. to have been measuring D. to be measuring                     

85. Tomorrow from 5 to 6 p.m. I ____________ my patients in the clinic.

A. will examine                        B. examines                     C. will be examining      D. will have examined                

86. The patient will recover if he ______________ a prescribed treatment.

A. follows                 B. will follow                      C. follow               D. is followed

87. My friend ____________ in Lviv for a month when I come here.

A. will live             B. will be living            C. lives       D. will have been living

88. The infant ______ move as much as possible for the proper development of the body.

A. can                       B. may              C. is allowed to         D. must          

89. These drugs _____________ for their effects on a man yet.

A. weren’t tested                    B. haven’t been tested               C. had tested             D. won’t be tested                 

90. No changes __________ in the patient’s condition right now.

A. are observed                   B. will be observed                  C. have been observed   D. are being observed                         

91. The doctor _______ just _________ this treatment.

A. has administered         B. had been administrated           C. did administer

D. will administer                E. is administering

92. Most people believe that experiments on animals _____________.

A. should stop                B. has to be stopped                   C. must stop

D. need be stopped                     E. should be stopped.

93 When blood sugar______ patients are in danger of developing several serious diseases and complications.

A. is not controlled                 B. was not controlled             C. are not controlled     D. have not controlled               E. doesn’t control

94. Ann seems __________ a gnawing pain for two hours.

A. to have been experienced      B. to be experienced     C. to experience                                            D. is experiencing                E. to have been experiencing.

95. The patient ______ to have been laid with nephritis.

A. are likely        B. likely           C. is likely           D. will be likely       E. was like

96. The student asked the lecturer if gastritis _________ after major surgery and severe infection.

A. was developed                 B. had been developed                    C. developing       D. developed                      E. will develop

97. Some drugs ________ for children under three unless directed by their physician.

A. did not use         B. won’t used          C. hasn’t been used           D. are not used

E. are not using

98. The biopsy shows that the tumor is benign which ____ it's not cancerous.

A. mean             B. means       C. meant             D. meaning             E. have meant

99. He ______________ never ________ of his headache.

A. has been complained             B. did    complain           C. is complaining               D. has complained           E. will be complaining

100. Several inner organs _____________ into this pathologic process.

A. involved                           B. were involved                            C. had involved              

D. were involving                             E. has been involved